About Us

We teach respect, honor, discipline, and sincerity through the practice of Kendo (the art of Japanese fencing) and Iaido (a sword art that focusing on developing our mental awareness and the ability to react quickly).

The founding members of our dojo began practicing together in January 2000.  Baltimore-Annapolis Kendo was founded in 2006 when we moved to a historic church [circa 1924] at the Severna Park Community Center.   We host an annual kendo tournament and are always happy to see our many kendo friends and to make new ones.

Baltimore-Annapolis Kendo is incorporated as a non-profit, non-stock entity. Our instructors are 100% volunteer and are not paid.  This allows us to learn kendo at a low cost.  We seek to hand down what we have learned to the next generation of kendo and iaido enthusiasts. Kendo and iaido are life-long learning activities. We learn about ourselves and achieve personal growth through the study of these Samurai arts.

Practice is open to the public for persons 12 years and older (for kendo) or 16 years and older (for iaido).

Beginners and New Students:
An introductory course of instruction for those new to kendo and iaido begins the first class of the month in January, June, and September. Anyone interested in beginning kendo or iaido is strongly encouraged to visit a class to watch. This can be done at any time but is particularly encouraged in the months immediately preceding new beginning courses (for example, if you'd like to enroll in the February beginner course, it's a good idea to come watch a class during January). Students enrolling in the beginner course are asked to commit to a two-month exploration of kendo, which includes one month of individual or small-group instruction before joining the main class.

For your first kendo class, please arrive around 7:00 wearing loose-fitting athletic clothing, and introduce yourself to the lead instructor. Beginners may borrow a shinai and/or bokken for the initial class. Please contact us if you are interested or have questions. You may also want to view our FAQ: Getting Started at Baltimore-Annapolis Kendo (for information on both stopping by and participating) as well as our FAQ: Getting Started with Kendo and FAQ: Getting Started with Iaido. All are welcome to come by the dojo to watch a class at any time.

Experienced kendo and iaido practioners are welcome to join us at any time, whether just visiting, new to the area, or returning to kendo or iaido. For iaido class, please arrive at the start time or before and wait if no one has opened the doors yet. For kendo, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins.

The membership fee is $80 per month, due prior to the 10th of each month. The fee covers participation in Kendo, Iaido, or both (see our schedule). Beginning students are asked to pre-pay membership dues for their first two months.